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Download WhatsApp Plus Reborn with New Anti-Ban Feature

If you’ve been struggling to find a working download for WhatsApp Plus in the past year or so, or had problems with your official WhatsApp account being banned because you used WhatsApp Plus, your frustrations are finally over. After a long drawn out legal with official WhatsApp developers, WhatsApp Plus is back and better than ever before. Mere days ago the latest version of the new and improved WhatsApp Plus Reborn was released for Android (no word yet on iOS). Here’s what you need to know about the two applications, the legal battle, and the ultimate victory for WhatsApp Plus and Android users everywhere.

WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Plus

Everyone loves WhatsApp. It’s the most popular instant messaging application in the world for a reason – but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. A few Spanish developers saw that people were frequently complaining about certain aspects of the official WhatsApp application, or made requests for new or better features that for a long time seemed to fall on deaf ears. And they did something about it. They created an unofficial mod app based on WhatsApp, and since it was enhanced, they called it whatsapp plus. Some of the extra features that WhatsApp Plus offered were:

  • Visual customization: lots of different options to personalize the look of your chats, with tons of color schemes and ready-made themes available to give you a unique chatting experience in WhatsApp Plus.
  • Extra privacy settings: ability to hide your message status from the sender, in other words, hide the second “message received” check mark and/or the blue “message read” check mark.
  • Improved multimedia messages: sending picture messages without compressing the image file, resulting in higher quality images in WhatsApp Plus messages, plus a huge 50MB limit for video files and the ability to send more than 10 photos at a time.
  • Better library of smileys, emoticons, Emojis and stickers.

WhatsApp Plus was strictly unofficial, and couldn’t be downloaded through the normal channels like Google Play Store. But people loved the extra control they had over the application, which otherwise looked, felt and acted just like the WhatsApp they had become attached to. That’s when things started to get ugly.


WhatsApp Plus legal battle

The official WhatsApp team was understandably upset by the success of this unofficial spin-off app, particularly because it meant they would lose out on their small but consistent annual subscription fee of $0.99 from each user that switched to WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus was also using a legally registered name and code without the permission of the original developers. So they called their lawyers, and in January 2015, WhatsApp issued an official “cease and desist” notice to the developers behind WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus users were banned from the WhatsApp service for 24 hours because having the unofficial app violated their terms of service. WhatsApp Plus was eventually completely banned, and you can still find lots of websites with broken download links or notes at the bottom of the page saying, “Download links removed: WhatsApp Plus has been banned”.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn

By some miracle, WhatsApp+ has made a comeback as of late December, 2015. The logo, which was once green and identical to the official one, is now a blue version of the same. It has all of the same great features as before, plus some updates to many translations and other technical fixes. But most importantly, WhatsApp Plus Reborn has a new anti-ban feature to prevent a repeat of the January 2015 fiasco.

You still have to download WhatsApp Plus from third party sites, as it is still unofficial and therefore not available to download from Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. Read on to learn how to install WhatsApp Plus for Android smartphones.

Downloading WhatsApp Plus

Before we get started with the download, there is something you should know about WhatsApp Plus: because it’s an unofficial, third party app, WhatsApp can’t guarantee the safety of the code or the privacy of your information. It’s possible that WhatsApp Plus may transfer your personal information, chats and other data to third parties without your knowledge. It’s also worth noting that the official WhatsApp application has since added some of the most popular features of WhatsApp Plus, such as hiding the blue checkmarks that let the send know you’ve read their message, “last seen” status, and changing chat backgrounds. That being said, if you have your heart set on downloading the newly reborn WhatsApp Plus and are willing to assume the risk, here’s how to do it:


How to install WhatsApp Plus on Android

Basically, what we are going to do is back up all of your chats and contact information in your official WhatsApp application, completely delete and uninstall that application, download and install WhatsApp Plus from the web, and restore your chats and contacts. Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. To back up your chats in WhatsApp, open the official application and open the drop down menu from your Chats screen. Tap on “Chats and Calls”, and then select “Chat backup”. Make sure the account information is correct, and hit the green button that says “BACK UP”. If you don’t do this step, you will lose all of your old chats after you install WhatsApp Plus.
  2. After the backup is finished, you need to fully uninstall WhatsApp. This is extremely important: you can’t have both applications installed on your device at the same time. One way to uninstall WhatsApp is to go to your Android device’s settings, go to the Apps tab, select “WhatsApp” and tap on “Uninstall”. Confirm that you do, in fact, want to uninstall the application if prompted.
  3. Next, you need to change your Android’s security settings so that you can install the WhatsApp Plus APK file from the internet (.apk is the file extension for Android applications). Your phone’s default settings only allow you to install apps from Google Play Store for safety reasons. Change this by going to your device’s settings and locate “Security” under the General tab. Scroll down until you find the option labeled “Unknown Sources”, and check the box next to this option. Without this box checked, you won’t be able to install WhatsApp Plus.
  4. Now it’s time to find a WhatsApp Plus APK download link on a website that looks trustworthy. Tap on the link to download the file to either your Android device’s internal storage or your SD card.
  5. When the WhatsApp Plus file is finished downloading, open the file to install it. You may be able to do this by tapping on the “download complete” notification, or you can use a file manager application to locate the downloaded WhatsApp Plus file and open it. Follow the onscreen instructions to install WhatsApp Plus.
  6. You’ll have to enter your phone number just like you did when you first installed the official WhatsApp application.
  7. A window will pop up asking if you want to restore your chats (the ones you backed up in Step 1). Most people will want to do this – just tap “Restore”, and all of the messages that you backed up will be transferred to your new WhatsApp Plus application.
  8. Congratulations, you just installed WhatsApp Plus! You can use it just like regular WhatsApp, except you’ll find additional options for customization and privacy. Take a few minutes to explore the menus and settings to see what your options are, and have fun chatting!

In our blog we wrote the following articles about WhatsApp Plus:

Download Whatsapp

How to download WhatsApp Apk most current version for Blackberry ? Are you browsing about it? Now you are at correct location. When it comes to operating program on mobile phone Android is regarded as one of the greatest.

The approaches we describe under have helped a lot of individuals out given that we very first wrote this tutorial, but it seemed to quit functioning when iOS 8 launched. We’re nonetheless investigating how to get round this, but a clever chap on one more internet site thinks the concern is with the specific version of WhatsApp – post-iOS 8 versions, such as 2.11.11 (really posted the day just before iOS 8 was released to the public) won’t function with the iPad, but if you can get hold of version two.11.eight, that must operate ok, even on systems operating iOS 8.

Downloading this application is typically quite simple to do making use of the app industry on your phone. There are of course diverse types of devices and computer software. We clarify how to download WhatsApp on Android, iPhone, Windows Telephone, Blackberry and Symbian devices.

Each and every operating system has different methods to download. Simply because WhatsApp trustworthy application you just in the app store or play-store search for the app, and straight download click and the system straight on your mobile telephone is installed. There are for instance, Samsung and Nokia also other kinds of APK files obtainable, nonetheless we recommend not to install it. You never know whether or not this is the official WhatsApp is.

There are a lot of developments going on about this app. Download WhatsApp do you no longer just for the app itself. Facebook acquired download WhatsApp.

That indicates we’ll see a hyperlink in the future of WhatsApp and Facebook. Not too long ago Facebook has also announced the introduction of a contact function in its app. Also, video calling and recording conversations will be among the possibilities. The WhatsApp Emoticons have lately also been updated. View WhatsApp news web page for far more details on the latest developments. Finally, we wish you a lot pleasure in making use of this wonderful app, and great luck with download WhatsApp!


Properly, there could be a lot of answers to this question. Nonetheless, if we go in deep and appear we will discover the Whatsapp plus is absolutely worth trying. It brings so several new characteristics to the tablet that neglecting it would not be a very good point to do. Majority of the users who were once utilizing WhatsApp and switched to WhatsApp plus in no way looked back ever. WhatsApp plus became their main app, replacing official Whatsapp app.

There is no dilemma with the operating technique of your individual personal computer, regardless of whether Windows or Mac, you can download WhatsApp for Pc and join millions of men and women who already have WhatsApp Computer regardless of operating technique. Now you just need to have to have entertaining and spend long time chatting with whoever you want with WhatsApp for Pc.

We’ve added a section devoted to iOS eight, which includes 1 achievable workaround for the difficulty, but it is far from excellent: it requires you to access a version of the WhatsApp set up file that each predates the launch of iOS eight and is linked to your personal personal account: no easy matter. And other than that, we (and the rest of the tech press) have been unable to really crack this problem. Give our strategies a try, but prepare yourself for prospective disappointment.


Ahead of installing WhatsApp Computer, should be installed on the personal computer an Android emulator. Right now there is accessible a range of emulators that you can find on the internet, but one particular of the most downloaded Android emulators by customers is the effectively-known BlueStacks App Player. You can get it absolutely free by downloading it from the website You have to pick the version of Windows or Mac as your operating system pc and download it. Its installation is quite straightforward and straightforward just comply with the wizard. In a couple of minutes you will see the icon of this emulator on the desktop.

The ideal issue about Android is it provides varieties in applications along with several distinct mediums to download them, which is nonetheless not in the case of BlackBerry and Apple operating technique. However, if you are a BlackBerry user and want to set up Android application on your BlackBerry telephone , then you can nonetheless do it by downloading them and moving to the BlackBerry phone.

There are far more valuable customizations and attributes supplied in WhatsApp plus than what you locate in WhatsApp. The app is not accessible for download on the Google Play Retailer. You will need to locate the app to download from the net and you need to have to uninstall WhatsApp in order to use this Whatsapp plus app on your telephone. Open the phone browser, search for latest Whatsapp plus version, tap on the link and download it on your phone. To back up your old messages of WhatsApp, open old WhatsApp, go to Alternatives and tap, locate Settings, chat settings, Backup conversations and uninstall the old Whatsapp from your app list.

Now, set up the newly downloaded WhatsApp plus apk file, open the newly installed app and when asked for your mobile quantity, enter it in the field supplied. This is completed to confirm your phone quantity and in the next screen you will get the information that Message backup located!” tap on the ‘Restore’ button at the bottom of the web page and wait for the method to complete. Many people are looking for the free of charge download option of WhatsApp messenger look right here as they can very easily send voice messages, hyperlinks, text messages and photos to any other mobile telephone user. This software program utilizes the automatic image compression for straightforward transferring of the files.

1st of all, you have to know in advance that the WhatsApp application installation in multi-devices is not feasible. So if you have installed the application on your Smartphone, and you want to set up it on your personal computer, it will automatically quit functioning WhatsApp on your phone. To stay away from this, you will have to use one more telephone quantity (not Smartphone) so you can have the app on both devices. You can get free a new number on FonYou or you can purchase a prepaid card. This certainly does not happen for who do not have a next generation telephone.

You can use this WhatsApp messages application for cost-free to all your contacts. These can be text messages, but also image, videos and motion pictures. These days you can even contact WhatsApp. WhatsApp Download is straightforward via this internet site. We do all the installation instructions just before you place on a list so you need to have to figure this out your self. Download WhatsApp right now and do not wait any longer!

  • Step 2.- Tap on the URL and swipe down to access the ‘top drawer’ of the favourites menu that seems when typing a internet address. You must see an alternative that says Load desktop site” – tap it.
  • Step 3) The web page should reload and show the familiar WhatsApp Net interface displaying the QR code to pair with your iPhone. Employing your iPhone, head to Settings > WhatsApp Internet and scan the QR code to pair the two devices together.

Download WhatsApp for Computer will not take extended, just a couple of minutes, and quickly you can take pleasure in the instant messaging app most acclaim worldwide and cost-free of charge. As we mentioned above, WhatsApp is an app only obtainable for Smartphone, and nevertheless no version of WhatsApp Computer created by the creators of WhatsApp. But if you want to get WhatsApp on your computer, we can download WhatsApp for Pc through an Android emulator with out the want of having a Smartphone.

We need to have the set up file of the app, but we won’t be permitted to set up it directly on the iPad (at least, not if it really is unjailbroken – is that a word?). We’re going to go off the beaten path a bit now, because we want the installation file itself, which makes use of theipa file format. Open Finder, and go to your music folder – exactly where this is situated will depend on which OS you’re using. You might be in a position to simply click Go in the leading menu bar, then Property. In my case I go to the folder whose name is a variant on my personal – priced – and music is a folder off that.

It really is worth noting that there are a handful of limitations when utilizing this workaround. The very first limitation is that you can not send voice notes, as the browser isn’t officially supported by WhatsApp (despite the fact that you should nonetheless be capable to play them). The second limitation is that as opposed to when the service is employed on a Mac or Pc, notifications from web browsers aren’t supported on iOS and so you won’t get notifications of incoming messages. Apart from that and a few little bugs, the service is quite straightforward to use and is a excellent option for most WhatsApp customers.

Are you the proud owner of an iPhone and want to set up the WhatsApp application on your device? On our web page WhatsApp iPhone explains how you can download it by way of iTunes or the Apple Appstore. Do you use an Android smartphone or tablet like Samsung or HTC ? We wrote a lot of details about downloading and installing WhatsApp through the google playstore on our WhatsApp Android page. We know right here are still several customers who are hunting for full information about the download process for devices that need the WhatsApp Windows phone and WhatsApp Symbian version of the app.

WhatsApp Plus Play Store

WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger which almost all of us are using nowadays. But now many people have gotten bored because of the old and outdated features of WhatsApp. So here is the new version of the WhatsApp and that is WhatsApp plus. This is an amazing, colorful and exciting version of the original WhatsApp. But it is an unofficial version of the whatsApp so it is not available at Google’s playstore. You can download it unofficially from the web and enjoy the amazing features of this version of whatsApp. Unofficial app store gives you the opportunity to download many types of apps, games and many more.Install WhatsApp free


The color of this app is blue while the older version has a green color by default. The latest version gives you the option to modify the color of the icon if you want. The older version has the limit of uploading of 12Mb and the new version has increased it to the 16 Mb and can be further increased up to 50 Mb. You can send high quality of images through it and you can also increase its quality if you want that. The old version not has any type of themes but whatsApp plus has many built-in themes and gives the opportunity for users to use the theme which he/she likes. This is the instant messaging app.


In this new version, a status shows the full conversation of the person. If you want you can hide your online status just on this latest version of WhatsApp plus. You can crop the picture and download only that part which you want. This is the most astonishing part of this version. This latest version is getting popular day by day. Many people around the world turned toward it. Currently there are 600 million users of WhatsApp plus just because of its upgraded system and features.


whatsapp plus play store

If you want to install the WhatsApp Plus from play store it is not possible because it is not available there. You have to install it unofficially from the web and there are some steps you need to take.


First keep backup of your old WhatsApp then uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp to install the new one. Now download the new version of WhatsApp plus. It needs verification and registration of your number as the old one required. New WhatsApp plus is installed get back your previous conversation and enjoy the new version with more colors and features.

Just click down these simple steps will take you towards the new world of enjoyment because there are 100 new emoticons available on whatsApp plus. So send new and updated emoticons to your friends and enjoy the new version of chat. No matter where you are, you can contact your loved ones. You can enjoy using this version of messaging on your phone. This app is utilized in the Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Phone and also on Nokia.