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WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger which almost all of us are using nowadays. But now many people have gotten bored because of the old and outdated features of WhatsApp. So here is the new version of the WhatsApp and that is WhatsApp plus. This is an amazing, colorful and exciting version of the original WhatsApp. But it is an unofficial version of the whatsApp so it is not available at Google’s playstore. You can download it unofficially from the web and enjoy the amazing features of this version of whatsApp. Unofficial app store gives you the opportunity to download many types of apps, games and many more.Install WhatsApp free


The color of this app is blue while the older version has a green color by default. The latest version gives you the option to modify the color of the icon if you want. The older version has the limit of uploading of 12Mb and the new version has increased it to the 16 Mb and can be further increased up to 50 Mb. You can send high quality of images through it and you can also increase its quality if you want that. The old version not has any type of themes but whatsApp plus has many built-in themes and gives the opportunity for users to use the theme which he/she likes. This is the instant messaging app.


In this new version, a status shows the full conversation of the person. If you want you can hide your online status just on this latest version of WhatsApp plus. You can crop the picture and download only that part which you want. This is the most astonishing part of this version. This latest version is getting popular day by day. Many people around the world turned toward it. Currently there are 600 million users of WhatsApp plus just because of its upgraded system and features.


whatsapp plus play store

If you want to install the WhatsApp Plus from play store it is not possible because it is not available there. You have to install it unofficially from the web and there are some steps you need to take.


First keep backup of your old WhatsApp then uninstall the previous version of WhatsApp to install the new one. Now download the new version of WhatsApp plus. It needs verification and registration of your number as the old one required. New WhatsApp plus is installed get back your previous conversation and enjoy the new version with more colors and features.

Just click down these simple steps will take you towards the new world of enjoyment because there are 100 new emoticons available on whatsApp plus. So send new and updated emoticons to your friends and enjoy the new version of chat. No matter where you are, you can contact your loved ones. You can enjoy using this version of messaging on your phone. This app is utilized in the Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Phone and also on Nokia.

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